Waiver 3

Waiver 3: (Facebook live release and Youtube live release)

I hereby authorize that all Facebook live and Youtube live sessions created by me, videos, or audio recordings of me taken by My French Community, may be shared publicly on Facebook and Youtube for non-commercial or commercial purposes without limitation of time. I waive any rights to such images/recordings and release My French Community from any liability in connection with their use.

In addition, I hereby agree that I release and hold Fontainebleau Management LLC and any of its instructors or employees (together referred to as ”My French Community”) free and harmless from any liability for any and all claims arising out of, and related to the class(es) or related activities in which I am registered at My French Community. This release includes any harm, injury, damage or loss of property that may occur in connection with the class(es) or related activities of My French Community. In addition, I accept full responsibility for the cost of treatment for any injury that may be suffered by me while taking part in the class(es) or related activities of My French Community.