Conversations #23 – success!

Guess what I had for lunch by looking at the pictures below! Tell me your best guess in our next session of sharing recipe while speaking French 100%!

I happen to know what Poushali is having for desert tonight: it’s an Indian desert called Halwa. I also know that Bina‘s niece loves cooking chocolate cookies with her! There must be a good reason for that too! If you’d like to learn more simply join our Discord, and download les notes from there!

Je parie que tu ne sauras pas deviner ce que c’est! = I bet that you won’t be able to guess what it is!

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Conversation #22 – success!

With Bina, tonight, we reviewed le futur proche, le futur simple et le futur anterieur! We also reviewed les verbes de déplacemeny: aller, venir, aller voir, visiter…

J’irai voir ma mère et mon père dans le sud-ouest de la France, quand j’aurai obtenu mon visa permanent américain.

Ma mère a amenagé sa terrasse avec une pergola!

We also discovered a Greek author, Nikos Kazantzakis. In Zorba the Greek, he explores the beauty and pain of existence, inviting readers to reevaluate the most important aspects of their lives and live to the fullest.

The meaning of Zorba is “live each day“.

Conversation #21 Success!

Aujourd’hui, on a fait une dictée avec Steve (it’s when the teacher reads out loud a text and the students write it down, trying hard not to make any mistake).

Then we talked about police jargon in French. Join our discord to review les notes of today’s session here:

Voici une série policière en Français recommendée par Steve: Engrenages

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