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You’re not alone

We know it can be overwhelming to start learning a new language. You’re not alone: we are an entire community online!

If money is a problem, no problem, simply take the Jedi challenge. It’s entirely free monetarily-speaking but it is highly expensive value-speaking: the more you will put in, the more you will get from!

If you are looking for a place to practice your French freely, in a relaxed and friendly environment: we have Casual Saturdays in French for you.

If you are looking for a highly-motivating framework, we have the French MBA for you: a per-level group workshop where your motivation is at the center of everything we do.

Don’t want to wait?! If you too want to start learning the fun way with others, and you don’t want to wait: this is your chance! A mission is awaiting for you inside of RISE, My French Community’s forum.

Rise is where the magic happens.

It’s where we share our progress and give generous feedback to our peers. Join us on Rise here . Don’t worry, you don’t need anything! Everything is explained inside! To access to RISE, simply register here .

Let us rise indeed and outgrow our shelves. Let us become brave and give ourselves a real chance to thrive!

Let us break this paradigm of you being a passive student counting the time spent in class and getting little results to show for. Let us create a tool, a community of highly motivated members who will inspire you to continue the commitment and to squeeze in the French… To cross the threshold and to become fluent.

For more info, check out our community online!

Immerse yourself in French in small groups! Beginners, intermediates and independents. Groups are limited to 4, more time for you to practice!

Also see our meetup (double check with hosts for updates)