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The Jedi Challenge

Tu peux participer au Jedi challenge (it’s a weekly challenge), c’est gratuit et tu peux gagner ta place pour une session gratuite qui a lieu le dimanche matin à 10:30 AM ET.

Si tu es intéressé, PM rapha-sierra sur Facebook pour obtenir une invitation personnalisée.

Plus d’info:

Casual Saturdays

Casual Saturdays is a wonderful format that allows you to freely converse in French with folks of all levels. Your coach will help you when you solicit her and only then. Yes, that’s right, your coach will not constantly interrupt to correct mistakes. It’s a total of 5 hours of happiness in French per month: the place for you to practice your French in a relaxed and friendly environment, with amazing members! (No commitment other than the current month.)

The French MBA

Tu peux rejoindre l’un des petits groupes par niveau: the Baby-warriors (beginners led by Isabelle) and the Rubys (B1 led by Rapha).

Expect to be actively using your French! Always on your terms so that you always stay highly motivated!

The Baby-Warriors are amazing because they believe they can start learning a new language, sometimes even from scratch! That makes them noble and courageous! Some have already some experience in French and they want to make sure their fundamentals are solid, and some, like you maybe, know only a handful of words.


For more info, checkout our community online:

Immerse yourself in French in small groups! Beginners, intermediates and independents. Groups are limited to 4, more time for you to practice!

Surtout, gardez votre flamme intacte! 😉