Everything we do is centered around your motivation. Groups are per level and limited to 4 amazing members! “Basically, we share love in French.”

Our Hosts

Rapha: “I give French classes: 100% free during lock-down & until reopening of the economy!”

Isabelle: “My class is first of all something harmonious between the participants.. Like a group of friends. It has always been very important. And of course willing to learn a lot.”

Our Philosophy

We are using the best methods and resources including:

  • consistency in immersion
  • highly engaging sessions (4 max. = more time to speak)
  • a community of highly motivated ambassadors and coaches

Our Members from everywhere

They are kind, respectful, intelligent, a source of learning and highly motivated to squeeze in Ze French!

“The greatest school is teacher-less. A place where you get inspired by yourself and your achievements through your journey with peers. If the teacher doesn’t motivate you, it gives you an excuse to stop showing up. It’s 100% a good excuse by the way. That’s why the best teacher is always yourself: become your own teacher.”


We currently have members from:

  • California
  • Canada
  • New Jersey
  • India
  • England
  • Arizona
  • Moscou
  • Makati

Why you should join us?

If you believe that immersion is the best way to learn. If you believe that practicing on a daily basis is important. If you believe that it’s even better to have fun with others while learning French!

What are you waiting for? Tell me how to join My French Community

Future coaches – please contact Rapha if you are interested in hosting a small group level of your own.

For more info, checkout our community online:

Immerse yourself in French in small groups! Beginners, intermediates and independents. Groups are limited to 4, more time for you to practice!