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Facebook Live on Sunday

Are you about to give up on your objectives?

Listen to episode 169 of Clotilde’s podcast and let’s discuss it on Sunday Live @10:30 AM ET on Facebook 100% in French. (Suits Ruby level, but all levels are welcomed!)


Casual Saturday – tomorrow @ 9 AM ET
It’s the place for you to practice your French in a relaxed and friendly environment, with amazing French Conversers of all levels and a coach who will NOT correct/interrupt you!

I would also love to see ex-French Conversers joining and updating us on their journeys. Give us some news!

Baby Warriors (A1) – Sunday at 12PM ET
BB Warriors have a lesson with Isabelle on Sunday.Congrats for posting your daily videos in French! It’s a good way to make your autonomous session “on demand” and conveniently with an end-objective of producing a short video of yourself practicing French.

Isabelle and I will match 100% of your daily Vlog on Rise!

Diamonds – Accelerated session

While on-boarding one of our newcomer, I realized that launching an accelerated session of the Diamond level (A2+ to B1) for folks who have studied French for several years could make a big difference. 

Obviously, it only match the most committed and motivated!

You will be disappointed if you think you can find some type of short cut. Squeeze in the French! Stay on track. Put in the work. Find the others. Take it into your own hands!


Last but not least, I will follow through on my commitment to 4 Jedis per week on a first come first served basis. This format is highly autonomous but you get a lot of help: my guidelines in a lesson + your peers whom I select to match your level and motivation + the resources of the forum for free for ever.

So far, 4 Jedis have posted their personal work, but have still to post feedback about the work of their peers. My commitment is to review their work 100% free (4 first to do it per week) once they have completed the 5 actions of our contract!

I am committed to making your journey in French one that motivates you. I have taught conversational classes open to all levels in Bars in restaurants. I have given 100 sessions for free during the pandemic. Now, I am leading small groups per level through their journeys of becoming fluent in French.

It is highly rewarding and I will continue to do so through time. Want to get onboarded? PM rapha and we’ll get this started!


My name is Rapha Sierra, I’m 38 years old, and you can chose me on your team of coaches in your journey towards fluency!

Here’s a link to a recent FB live update:

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