Rise #29 – Play by your own rules!

Answer to a question I get a lot:
Would you mind explaining the levels?

– Baby Warriors – first time learners
– Diamonds – Beginners-Inter
– Rubys – Intermediate-Adv
– Crystals – Advanced- Fluent!

I don’t believe in sub levels so much. Motivation is more important imo.

You might be able to join the Rubys if you are an advanced Diamond who is motivated, and you might feel more comfortable mastering the lower level first and being a strong link there.

I will give you my opinion and sometimes strongly 😅, because I care about your progress! Your motivation will always prevail over my opinion.Why? Because, I believe that life is a game where you learn and grow more if you start playing by your won rules.

So? Don’t follow my advice, but follow your intuition. That’s my ultimate advice to you!

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