Rise #6 – Surprise guest this Casual Saturday session

We have a special guest that will lead this Casual Saturday session. Just had a call with her. I will be there of course, as a French Converser. She will be our host.

She is an experienced teacher in French for foreigners. Any time we have a doubt, she is our go-to person to get crystal clear answers. She is awesome and has led many Diamonds to fluency.

Excited about this session! She said she will make a special point on how to ask questions in French! Stay tuned and feel free to join us on a studious and casual Saturday session!

I present to you: Isabelle or Isa.

Rise #5 – How to post your work on Rise?

How to post your work on Rise?

  • Go to a Category
  • Find the pinned instructions
  • Work 15′, 30′, 60′ or 90′ non stop
  • When ready to post, create a new topic under the category!

Et voilà!

Then you can find other people’s work in the list of topics under the same category!
………. and you can go and comment on other people’s work!


Rise #4 – The ALT French Workshop – Calendar

Our goal is to accelerate your progress in French: one small group at a time.

After successfully holding 100 French conversations, we are launching the ALT-French Workshop.

There will be shippers and marathoners. Shippers will ship 12 projects in the span of one month. Marathoners will ship 12 projects in the span of one and a half month!

The magic of this journey lies in the group itself.

Here is the schedule we have in mind (1:30 PM ET). At this stage, we are curious to know if 1:30 PM ET would work for folks which is why we posted the schedule ahead of the final anoucement!

Feel free to let me know how this looks for you.

French Conversations D-7 – Success

Welcome to our new comer today: Kasia!
No recipe sharing today, but we had lots of little NUGGETS:

  • le futur proche
  • le passé composé
  • les articles définis /indéfinis

and more………………. (share your email with me if you would like to receive les notes in a PDF document!)

  • la conjugaison (Divya if you hear me)
  • poser une question / demander qqchose (Luda you can do it!)
  • j’ai deux choses à dire / j’en ai deux (I have 2 -> Jeanne, you will not say j’ai 2 because in French it’s unfinished, even if in English it’s correct)
  • je vais diner bientot (Maia)
  • Je vais boire une biere parce que j’en ai besoin (Steve -> le pronom EN)
  • Kasia: je prends des cours de nutrition en ligne pour obtenir une certification