Rise #26 – A taste of success in French – part 1


Les Rubys commencent déjà à exceller!

This is finally starting to pay off! 

1/ About the format and why it starts to pay off

2/ My objective 

3/ Your objectives and more tools for our community (like Discord, Zoom recordings and podcasts…) 

#not easy to talk while standing after all LOL 🙂 😛 #thealtfrenchworkshop

Rubys #7 – exprimer un avis!

Aujourd’hui Isabelle était notre invitée. On a vu une multitude de choses:

  • les verbes qui expriment les sentiments + SUBJ
  • les verbes ou expression qui expriment la certitude + IND
  • L’infinitif présent et passé
  • Le subjonctif passé
  • J’espère que + futur (exprimer un avis)
  • Il semble que + SUBJ / Il me semble que + INDICATIF

Exercices avant Jeudi, au choix:

  • Page 180 du livre de communication intitulé “Donnez votre avis”
  • Complétez avec le subjonctif (exercices des livres vert et bleu)
  • Écrire une lettre à un ami qui est à l’hopital
  • Faire le protrait de l’homme ou la femme de votre vie
  • Utiliser le subjonctif pour vous décrire à la fin du ALT-French (what is your goal in French)
  • Faire le quizz sur lawlessfrench (https://www.lawlessfrench.com/quizzes-and-tests/subjunctive-quiz/)
  • Refaire les activités de Luda sur WordWall
  • Faire des flash cards

Rise #25 – Use a method that works for you!

Are you a time keeper (you’ve spent a lot of time learning a language – especially in school – but you have little result to show for)? Or are you a bilingual or even a polyglotte?

– Speak from day one (not afraid to make mistakes / direct conversational method)
– Get a lot of input first
– Language Boos : after an hour we were speaking esperanto / it took us a day to speak Slovak!
– Flash cards (no translations at all)
– Translation based only method
– Dissection method
– The gold list method
– Bidirectional translation + fun + quantity + frequency + system
– Don’t teach me, make me learn (language mentoring)
– …

What’s your system? why does it work?

“Polyglots don’t have a special talent! It’s about the approach we take to learning a language. I have a proof to show you that we are not super talented.”

“When they want to learn a language, they find a language school or a teacher, they pay them and expect to be spoon fed: because they pay the teacher, so the teacher teaches them, and the only thing that they are willing to do is to come to the lesson and wait to be taught! And I believe this is the whole problem with unsuccessful language learners because if they did not approach language learning like that, if they were willing to actually give it the effort and the energy that all successful language learner are actually giving it, then they would have very different results.”

Are you waiting to be taught?

> “Languages cannot be taught, they can only be learned.” dixit Lucca Lampariello.

hash tag: language mentor
@Lydia Machova

Let me know what you think of her presentation? 🙂

  • immersion
  • not afraid to make mistake
  • listen a lot
  • speak a lot
  • not worried to make mistakes
  • it can be fun and relaxed
  • Are you okay to make mistakes?
  • The art of simplification!
  • Learn in small chunks! Do it every day! It’s a marathon, not a sprint!
  • Enjoy it!
  • How can you make it a hobby?
  • Reading non-fiction. Personal development books.
  • Use an app to learn grammar?!

Rise #25 – Devenir polyglotte!

Très bonne interview de @Steve Kaufmann par Hugo de @InnerFrench.Steve est un polyglotte qui a étudié en France.

Selon lui, ce qui compte pour apprendre une langue, c’est de 1/ se créer des habitudes, faire beaucoup d’écoute et de lectures, 2/ assimiler des modèles (sans se soucier des termes de grammaire) et 3/ dédier du temps car il faut beaucoup parler pour se rendre compte de ses propres difficultés.

Bonus: 4/ même si on fait des fautes (sur le subjonctif par exemple), ce n’est pas grave, car l’important c’est avant tout de prendre du plaisir!

“L’important c’est de prendre du plaisir dans l’écoute, la lecture et l’expression. Si on prend du plaisir, on va continuer et si on continue, on va s’améliorer petit à petit.”

Personnellement, je crois beaucoup aussi à la dynamique de groupe: apprendre en étant dans un petit groupe et avoir aussi une interaction “live” et “offline” avec un coach-professeur et avec les autres dans le groupe!

Dites-moi ce que vous en pensez?

Ps: merci Luda d’avoir attiré mon attention sur InnerFrench qui recrute un professeur à temps plein, pour ceux qui seraient intéressés!


Here’s a method to transcend short term memory from Steve: write down a gold list of 10 sentences with their translations (like flash cards). Forget about it, and look at it a while later: you will only remember 1/3rd of the sentences. Reiterate with the 2/3 you have forgotten!

Tip to save time when you watch a youtube video, increase the playback speed of it using the settings ( tip from my turkish brother in law @Gokhan) 🙂

Rise #24 – Donnez votre avis!


If you’re not a ruby, please discard this message!

  • Recording sessions solely for member use ? Please answer privately via email to rapha@frenchconversations.online
  • Preparing your session on le subjonctif -> pages 238, 240, 242 of the blue grammar book + page 180 of the red communication book

Rise #23 – if not now, when?

How did you guys do this afternoon in your autonomous group?

I saw some rising shipped! Congrats Brady, you went really far in rising, and asked very good questions! Also, congrats Kevin for pushing your rise as well! It’s an honor to be on this journey along yours, whether you are a Ruby or a Warrior. It’s an honor to be on this journey along yours, whether you are a Ruby or a Warrior.

I’d like to encourage you all to continue the push! This is not about the result. It is not about the result! It’s about showing up and being on a journey with others towards this worthy goal of becoming fluent in French. All of you without exceptions can get there! Stay on the move! The more you do, the more you get from it!

I see all of you this week with a lot more to progress towards that goal! 🙂

For those who would like to be on boarded, again, there is no being late, there is no being in advance, it’s finding your own pace. If you do need to be on boarded, with the right community, the blue print, the coach and the teacher, you know where to find me! 😉


Rise #21 – We’re rising with the baby warriors, it’s official!

First session of the ALT-FRENCH with the Warriors completed! It’s the beginning of a BIG RISE!

Good luck baby Warriors with your homework on Rise.

Remember this is what you need to do:

– Post your homework under the right Category and Sub Category
– Give Feed backs to each other
– Write down your reflective script (before the next Group learning Session)

We’re already on our way to improving our FRENCH! 📷 One small group at a time!

Rise #20 – Diamonds lesson 2

Session #2 of the ALT-FRENCH with the Diamonds completed! It’s the beginning of a BIG RISE!Good luck Diamonds with your homework on Rise.Remember this is what you need to do:- Post your homework under the right Category and Sub Category- Give Feed backs to each other- Write down your reflective script (before the next Group learning Session)We’re already on our way to improving our FRENCH! 📷 One small group at a time!