French Conversations #83 – Success!

In Games in French, with Seyma, Seth, Brady, Steve, Divya and Luda, we played Scrabble against the computer and won by a staggering 228 versus 93.

Even the computer had fun by giving us crazy solutions! I have still no idea what DIVE means in French, but I learned le verbe VINER!

French Conversations #872 – Success!

It’s actually our conversation #82, but I left the typo on purpose to bring us luck!

On Wednesday night, in recipe sharing in French, Jeanne, Bina, Nilay and I talked about how fresh and delicious the food can be in Perou, Latin America!

  • Au Pérou, à Lima, le poisson est servi très frais
  • On le pêche, on le fait mariner, on le sert… et il arrive dans les assiettes en moins de 5 heures.
  • On ne sert jamais de poissons qui ne soit pas frais.

Recommending French movies

You know that we are a fan of immersion. Hence, I’d like to recommend the below movie. What I liked about it is how the main character learns to let go of any form of superficiality to allow himself to experience the world fully.
Obviously he only finds the courage to do so when he learns that his time on earth has become drastically limited…
If you have a chance to watch it, using French or English subtitles, go ahead, and let me know what you think about it on rise (or recommend another French movie).

Watch the trailer on IMDB here: Time to leave

French Conversations #81 – Success!

Are you sure you’re using l’imparfait and le passé composé correctly?

If you become hesitation-less on this, you will be way ahead of a 95% of learners who still make this mistake constantly.

It took us 1 hour to study this with Nilay (a diamond) and Bina (a ruby), and I am sure that from now on they understand this, and will become very careful not to make this mistake ever again.

You too can acquire a Chrystalclear understanding of this.

Start leveling up and join us at French Conversations online!

Already a member of RISE, start your topic here.

French Conversations #80 – Success!

What a solid session of Learning grammar the fun way!

French Conversers are hungry for always more and they are becoming unstoppable these days! Can you believe that, today, we squeezed in:

Donc l’accord du PP selon l’auxiliaire, ça a l’air tricky, mais en fait c’est bateau comme règle.

Tu peux aller dans le livre de grammaire pour revoir comment ca marche ici.

Et sinon, il y a un tres bon lien sur Internet qui resume bien le tout ici.

Bon courage et vous n’en aurez pas besoin.

Good luck and you won’t need luck

Ship it! Shipped!

Amazing progress was made and shipped by Jeanne, Luda and Seth on rise!

Get inspired by them and interact with them before and after our grammar sessions:

Divya also posted her work for our session of practice presenting here.

Congrats for shipping it!

Make it a habit to invest in yourself and you will harvest exponential progress! It’s inevitable!

Keep going with enthusiasm and mental strength!

French Conversations #79 – Success!

Today with Divya and Luda, we solved the troublesome dilemma of when to use le passé composé versus l’imparfait.

It took us 1 hour and it’s solved forever.

We used this link which explains it very well!

You too can do it:

– to master le passé composé vs l’imparfait

Once you did it, write a short story using these tenses and prepare an explanation for each time you used these tenses.

Start here:

Good luck and you don’t need luck!

Ps: I will give you my feed back after you gave yours to 3 of our French Conversers!

French Conversations #78 – success!

This afternoon, with Nilay, Kevin and Jeanne, we squeezed in 7 diamonds in French!

Il est professeur > pas d’article
C’est un bon professeur
– Les féminins
– Les interrogations
– Le future proche
– Les verbes pronominaux
– Le partitif, comment le former

At your pencils, post your work on RISE prior to Tuesday guys!


And even

le pronom Y

On peut passer la nuit au Mont Saint Michel =
> On peut y passer la nuit.

Y = cela remplace le Mont Saint Michel
Y = there
PASSER la nuit = to spend the night

French Conversations #77 – success!

Welcome to Seyma, our newcomer on this Casual Saturday of mid-June 2020!

C’est à Seyma de nous suggérer une version finale de la traduction de Casual Saturday en Français.

Est-ce que tu peux nous proposer une version en français:

  • Samedi décontracté
  • Samedi détendu
  • Relax max, c’est Samedi
  • Être à l’aise le Samedi
  • Respire beaucoup le jeudi, parce que t’auras besoin d’oxygène pour travailler ta grammaire
  • Samedi informel
  • Samedi, mets toi à l’aise sur ta chaise
  • Samedi, c’est tranquille, prenez un café / une infusion / et faites connaissance = Get to know each other
  • Écouter des chansons françaises, c’est possible le Samedi

Votre mission, si vous l’acceptez ce weekend, c’est de découvrir les chansons et artistes ci-dessous:

  • Nathalia Lafourcade
  • Vidéo Club
  • Miles Davis
  • et la chanson de Mika: elle m’a dit.