French Conversations D-8 – Success

In French Grammar, with Brady, Jeanne, Maia, Bina, Seth, Divya and Luda, we told ourselves to never say “il est un…” ever again.

Once again, we had a look at how to use properly les articles définis et indéfinis. This time, we made it clear of the importance to master this simple and seemingly simple chapter.

At this stage, we’re excited to finalize everything related to the launching of the ALT-French workshop! Stay tuned, announcement soon! In the meantime, we’re also on Rise trying to answer all your questions!

French Conversations D-10 – Success!

In casual Saturday, with Seyma, Divya, Jeanne and Luda, we paused and shared our feelings in French.

Entrainez-vous à faire des phrases courtes!

J’aime avoir un programme, mais quelque fois mais je dois avoir de la volonté.

Après avoir acquis les bases en grammaire, il faut continuer à s’exprimer, écouter et parler beaucoup dans la langue.

Maintenant, elle est heureuse parce que sa sœur s’est mariée. Puis, elle a cueillit des fraises des bois.

Pendant ce temps là, son amie est toujours confinée.

French Conversations D-9 – Success!

Welcome to Maia, our newcomer today! Besides, we had 3 presentations today, featuring Jeanne, Seth and even Divya! 100% in French!

Pêcher, ce n’est pas mon truc! Je suis très différent de mon frère!

Ta maison est magnifique Jeanne! Merci! Seth a une belle famille. Mia a un tres bon français. Ca m’étonne parce que cela fait seulement 3 semaines qu’elle apprend le français.

Je suis motivée quand je vois toutes les personnes qui apprennent le français avec moi.

J’aime la présentation de Seth.
J’aime savoir d’où viennent les gens. Bienvenue a Maia!

J’ai aimé toutes les présentations aujourd’hui, et celle de Luda la semaine derniere. Ce n’est pas facile de faire une presentation dans une autre langue!

Je parle un peu français mais j’ai vraiment aimé toutes les présentations.
(Offline) A great group to join, it was awesome!

I didn’t get a chance to take pictures from Jeanne’s presentation, but here’s a 1929 Phoenix house I found online:

French Conversations D-11 – Success!

Chaos was expected, and was welcomed but instead harmony was experienced this afternoon in Games in French! I don’t know if it felt the same way to you too: Seth, Luda, Jeanne and Bina?


  • Faire signe que oui (de la tête) = To nod
  • On en spray sur les cheveux pour les fixer = Une bombe / de la laque!
  • Je serai sans pitié = Merciless / Show no mercy
  • Pourquoi le frelon et la guêpe ne font pas de miel?
  • C’est une qualité pour laquelle Einstein est bien connu. Einstein est connu pour son éminente intelligence.
  • Si tu ne les tiens pas, ils s’envolent = if you don’t hold them, they fly
  • Le temps passe vite = time flies


– marbre
> histoire
– art
> statue!

– l’entreprise
> la bourse
– une chaise
> bureau

Est-ce que Jeanne lit dans les têtes? lire dans les esprits? lire dans les pensées? Elle a un don!

Here’s a picture of one of the 2 servants of the goddess Naomi, the story I told you about 😉

French Conversations #87 or (D-13) – Success!

On Tuesday, we had an easy grammar lesson, for a change. Wait a second… Isn’t it easy each time? So, when we’re saying that it’s difficult, and it’s actually easy, what is it that we really mean instead? I wonder!

We saw everything you need to know about
Lequel? Laquelle? Auquel? Duquel?

We used this fantastic resource here.

We also saw everything you need to know about:
Celui-ci? Celui-la? Celui/Celle/Ceux/Celles qui…?

We used that fantastic resource here.

Un mot de conclusion chacun!

Seth: ceux qui étudient le français sont géniaux!

Seyma: celles qui parlent couramment ont de la chance (mais elle n’ont pas eu besoin de chance).

Steve: bon courage à tous! Etudiez! Parlez! Ecoutez! Répondez!

Luda: celui qui nous enseigne le français est génial!

Jeanne: on doit surpasser ses propres peurs.

Divya: celui qui est motivé va réussir.

Launching of French-As-a-Foreign-Journey #1

We will go until 100 (one hundred) French conversations for Free, and then we will launch the French-As-a-Foreign-Journey workshop. It’s a workshop to learn French as a Foreign Language by level. There will be 2 groups: the Diamonds (beginners – A1 and above) and the Rubys (intermediate – B1 and above). 

French conversations Online is a pioneer in innovation and the implementation of learning French the Fun way.

Inspired by the Seth Godin’s Alt-mba, French Conversations offers an alternative way to level up in French called the Alt-French-Workshop (or French-As-a-Foreign-Journey).

It is a unique way of learning which uses innovative best practices for highly motivated learners who seek high results through immersion.

It’s not for everybody. It’s for highly motivated learners who value immersion and camaraderie.

It’s not your typical everyday French class.

We believe that the person who learns the most in a class is the teacher herself. Hence, we aim at breaking the teacher-learner paradigm. 

Therefore, we aim at making you accountable for your learning journey. Our aim is to empower you.

Yes, our highly proficient coaches use the best grammar methods. Yes they are passionate about exposing them in a crystal clear fashion. Yes, they will encourage, and spark the light, but you and only you can make the change you need, and this is even more important than learning grammar rules.

The bottom line is that we all go at our own pace which is perfectly fine especially when we are experiencing flow.

Hence, there is no exam nor any type of prerequisite other than to show up, to trust your journey and to ship it on every single opportunity, along your peers, and no matter what.

We don’t aim at perfection, we aim at progress through action. Mistakes are opportunities to learn. This workshop is a real chance for you to make 9000 mistakes, because making 9000 mistakes is why you will succeed.

See it as a training program, surrounded by highly motivated coaches, using the best learning methods in French as a Foreign Language and traveling along highly motivated peers. You will have curated assignments, group meetings and project dues! Get ready mentally, this is your opportunity to RISE, to level up and to achieve your potential!

As the saying goes, the great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

The ultimate aim of education is to enable individuals to become the architects of their own education and through that process to continually reinvent themselves.

French Conversations #86 – Success!

Well done Luda for presenting in Practice presenting in French today! Comme promis, je reviens vers vour avec les réponses aux “double check”, and it’s a CHRYSTAL CLEAR because that’s what it takes to make diamonds!

  1. Pas tous les immeubles en ont > c’est familier, il vaut mieux dire : tous les immeubles n’ont pas un grand mur
  2. Il y a beaucoup pluS de peintures > le S se prononce car c’est le comparatif!
  3. On peut voir D’autres peintures? D’autres, c’est le pluriel de “un autre” Des autres, c’est possible lorsque c’est un partitif: la photo des autres. (contraction de “de + les” => c’est l’appartenance). Autre exemple: La maison des autres personnes. = which belongs to other people (it is not the plural of another!).

Are you a Ruby or a diamond? Read more about these 3 points here. Don’t have access to Rise? Request access here.

French Conversations #85 – Success!

Are you a Diamond? Is so, then Jeanne and Nilay are just like you. They’re learning French from its very fundamentals! Their ambition: to build solid foundations using infallible grammar methods and to become hesitation-less! 

I guarantee that some Rubys will make mistakes in these seemingly easy chapters. 

This is your chance. Make time to review Bilan 2 and to consolidate a solid foundation in French.

If you already have RISE, START HERE. Otherwise, join us on Rise here.

That’s right: it’s that simple. I can only wish you good luck and I know that you won’t need any luck.