French Conversations #59 – Success!

I care about your progress and I deliver on my promise! With Jeanne, this afternoon in Special Saturdays, we reviewed 2 chapters which became crystal clear for ever:

  • Lui/Leur et Le/La/Les
  • Mon/ton/son/leurs… la mienne! la sienne?

Give yourself a real chance and you will be bound to make tremendous progress without even noticing it!

You need to never translate it into English when it comes to Grammar!

You need an infallible method:

  • 100% of the best grammar – Français langue étrangère
  • 100% passionate coaches
  • 100% immersion

Don’t take my word for granted. Ask Jeanne about the above 2 chapters: after our session, she is now hesitation-less.

Join our next grammar study session next Saturday at 2PM ET. This biweekly is catered to intermediate beginners!

Reserve your seat here:


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